It’s not about the devices, it’s about the UI

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.38.29 PMApple has yet again changed the way we interact with our devices.  The new interfaces created for the iPad Pro, AppleTV and iPhone again tame the complexity between idea and creation.

The iPad Pro Adobe presentation was not about adding a smile to a model, it was about eliminating steps in creation from the designers mind to the screen.  The Apple Pencil and how it interacts with the screen adds magic back to the iPad. Even MSFT Word seemed “epic.” Watching the demo I can’t wait to have one of my own and save hours fighting with Word and PPT to do what I want it to do around shapes, colors, tables, etc.

AppleTV eliminated the steps of cross platform viewing that we find ourselves doing in our living rooms. How many times have you logged into Netflix to find a show/movie, then Hulu, then HBO, then iTunes store to see where you can watch it?  I know I have quite a few times, and as people cord-cut this will make it easier and intuitive for them.

The MLB app with stats, split screen games and notification is awesome; can’t wait to see it applied to other sports.

Also, the AppleTV has made Kaleidescape functionality affordable to the masses and made the Wii obsolete.  Apple has just entered the console gaming market and little have noticed.  This is huge.

The iPhone 6s 3D touch, as swiping and pinching did on the original, will forever change how we expect screens to react to when we touch them. Magically…

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