Why when news breaks about Apple, every headline is wrong

Worrying about AAPL margins, with the amount of cash it generates, is like worrying if the Pope is Catholic enough.  Seriously the stories yesterday that said that have no clue about valuations.  At first it was down initially on the guidance, then turned around.  Then continued the turn-around when Tim Cook said what I said in my blog at the 5c/s launch ( https://timothyheffernan.net/2013/09/11/what-most-missed-in-apples-iphone-5s-5c-announcement/ ). 

The 4S is the entry level phone, not the 5c!!!! 

The reason why AAPL stock has a low P/E relative to the other companies, is the street wants them to do something with the cash.  Either invest it in a new vertical to disrupt (i.e. the disrupted music, movies, tv shows, then the smartphone, then the cpu (again) with the iPad.) Make a TV, make a watch, make a car who cares make something that consumers are having a frustrated experience with and show us your magic.

If Apple is happy being a phone, music, computer and tablet company then take the insane amount of cash it has and start distributing it.  As a shareholder, I hope they don’t.  I hope they go disrupt another industry. 


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