What will define the next generation? The analytics of Generation A

It’s about outcomes, not inputs.  After listening, reading and watching analysts and thought-leaders wax on about big data, it’s what most don’t get.  Consumers want complexity removed and answers given.  They will give you their location, email, address, their lifetime of digital check-in’s and photographic memories if you just help them organize it better.
Look at Memoir, an app that takes your social data and spits it back to you in bite size pieces of what you were doing this day last year, the year before and the year before that… Welcome to generation Analytic–Generation A.
I’ll give up my blood pressure, steps per day, sleep habits and location, if you just give me a minimum benefit of helping me understand how to manage my caloric-to-burned ratio.  Fitbit is doing this and and Apple has created a separate chip set to address it with the M7.
As data and inputs increase Generation A will trade  their privacy in exchange for defined outcomes that create certainty.  The companies that do this best are taking the most market share, disrupting Baby Boomer businesses and redefining privacy.
Other attributes that will define this generation and the resulting spending shift are:
•Generation A is the first in human history to have its own pre-history
•This is the first generation where the global majority will live out of poverty
•First generation where their effectiveness and intelligence will be measured in how they can apply analytical tools not memory recall
•They are unwilling to settle for a different experience online or off.  Generation A will evangelize the brands that anticipate this trend best.
•Those companies/brands that make the complex, easy, will garner the most share
•Generation A will reward the companies and brands that tame the complexity of data and give suggested actions that could lead to certainty of outcomes
•Gen A will be defined by individuals that use the collective to constantly source and analyze  knowledge
•It will be the first to bridge the gap between a highly centralized system and simultaneously incorporate the strengths of a diffused system.
•It will be the first that will have more collective knowledge about the world and themselves, outside of themselves.
They will devour systems created by companies that access this knowledge and replicate their responses, behaviors and emotions
The first Generation:  Generation A
Generation Analytics
Not about inputs; it’s about outcomes.

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