Your Customers are the Experts; not the Brand

Consumers are bombarded with 63,000 words per day from brands.

Customers formulate their opinions in the same way influencers do.  A Yankelovich survey found that 54% of respondents avoid buying products that overwhelm them with advertising and marketing.  Nearly two-thirds said that they are “constantly bombarded with too much advertising.” Congruently, customers ingestion and digestion of media has radically changed over the last decade.

What started out as a simple three-option decision has now become a multi-tiered exercise in calorie counts, special sauce and regional specialties. The same dilution of information and nutritional content, has occurred in brands’ influence as experts over consumers. Take McDonald’s for example, Mickey D’s customers are bombarded with choice the same way that your consumers are bombarded by media today.  The average person is hit with 63,000 words of new information every day. That’s the length of an average novel and it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to be heard over all that noise.

Because of these reasons, brands are struggling to retain and influence their customers and it’s lead to the crisis that Madison Ave is now facing. As 69% of consumers said they were interested in services that “block or skip marketing,” it’s the reason there are so many Mad Men on Madison Avenue.  When viewers sitting on their couches eating their dinner are rejecting what you are selling, it makes it harder for the Mad Men to pay for their city apartment and the house in the Hamptons.

Stop treating consumers as someone that you need to educate and start treating them as influencers. To reach the over-stimulated consumer is to move both media and customers simultaneously.

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