Hey Experts, Influencers Know More than You

Struggling to be heard?
Struggling to be heard?

Influencers including government officials, the street, press, academics and NGOs believe they know better than you… even if you are the expert that they are calling on for information, (let alone the public.) The model they believe in is by creating carefully curated content, through chosen sources, they have created the best piece of information on a subject at that point in time. Their model is curated from trusted pieces of information from media, academics, companies, industry and financial analysts, competitors, customers and shareholders to formulate a curated opinion to share with an audience.

In order to be validated as an expert by this community, you most use earned, paid and owned media to garner their attention. This means you need to effectively combine market intelligence with your marketing and communications efforts in an integrated matter to influence the expert curator.

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