First impressions

IMG_1301(iPhone written please forgive spelling)

India bombards the senses and sensibilities like no other place ive been. No one quite gets down on paper the different smells everywhere… The burnt spice incense in the hotel hallways, the smell of earth everywhere, the smell of feces outside the door to a michilin star restaurant, the amazing different tastes in one plate of food inside, the glimmering gold chandleres, the new construction building that looked like a bomb dropped on it first and the started to build and inside the clothes hanging to dry of squatters inside that the workman work around, the barbed wire and concrete walls of every building build with proper walls and has a door, the Mosquitos on your bus, wondering why there are lanes painted when they are not even obeyed when no one is on the road, how a horn is used as an individual would use the phrase “excuse me” when cutting through a crowd or “move” when held in duration for same purpose.

Meetings are tests in avoid the question while still attempting to be polite in hot rooms with servants constantly enrtering to pour tea, serve cookies and water. The person you are meeting with picking up the phone constantly while talking with you blurt some Hindi orders and continue conversation like nothing occurred.

So those are my first impressions

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