When Lou Dobbs Wish is Granted

The “illegals” are going home.

When the diasporas return home because their new found jobs are gone due the shrinking global economy, the effect will cause economies to further contract and lead to higher political instability in home countries.

The signs are everywhere, Dubai laying off workers, Mexicans leaving the US to go back home because of no work… I even overheard an airport worker say that even there was no job for him in Mexico, he was going back because at least he could live with his family there.

In previous generations diasporas did not have the same freedom of communication and mobility that gave them the choice of returning. When they immigrated to a new country in search of work and a better life, they left the old world behind and began a life in the new. They learned the language, participated in the culture of their new home and infused some of their own culture into it as well. Now with the cell phones, easy access to transfer earnings and satellite TV, they are able to work abroad and still live at ‘home.’

Most countries reactions to this trend are punitive, rather than reconciliatory, that cements the distancing behavior demonstrated across the world’s ghettos of diasporas. Based in populist fear, the Lou Dobbs of the world cry outrage at the worker fulfilling a need in their own societies because they are blinded by their own denial, nostalgia and arrogance in their minds-eye of a time they yearn for that never existed. This DNA of failure is the commonality of hate based politics that they breed that they try to hide in populism.

So with the jobs gone and no way for them to gain legalized status, they return home. When they return the businesses and communities on both sides of the border feel the effects of a massive tide. The host country losses its labor force and the income that it was spending that was improving the ghettos. This will result in increased crime, depressed rents and housing prices in the places hardest hit by the global housing crisis and less sales/VAT tax receipts on areas where they lived. At the same time the local governments that are burdened with less tax receipts from income, will also be asked to increase services to combat crime, homeless and fixing abandoned homes.

The home countries that didn’t have jobs when times were good, do not now and will now deal with an influx of people. The remittances home that were vital to supporting the local economies and in some cases governments, will dry-up. This will result in political instability and in some places war.

Let us hope governments recognize this early and use their resources to keep stability both at home and abroad.

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