The Poor Link Between Waist Lines and Hem Lines

The rich are losing to the poor… and clothing designers have figured out the link between shape and class and the smart ones are profiting from it.

Here’s the trend… in mid to down market all the women’s clothing are cut like a paper bags. The up market/designer stores clothes are cut slimmer and more form fitting. Then when you go to couture runway clothes, they are cut just as slim or slimmer, however add back material to create a shape from a stick… think bubble dress. This is not limited to one brand, rather it is brands within a price-range of clothes. Why?

Then it hit me…. the mid to low market designers are cutting their clothes so their demographic will feel more comfortable in their over-weight underused bodies. Ingesting 99 cent meals because you can’t afford to shop at Trader Joe’s or don’t have time because you are working two jobs, leads to a fatter waist line from all that wonderful corn syrup. In the news today LA is banning new fast food chains for a year to respond to it (which is the author(s) do not endorse and actually find it quite ludicrous).

If you do happen to work out and eat healthy, well that means you can afford to do so and therefore the designers are going to make you pay more for the clothes that fit your cardio’ed organicly fueled shape.

Then if you are super rich or rock star rich and never eat you can buy couture cuts to give your waif like figure… well a figure.

Some clothing stores haven’t figure this out yet (The Gap… well they do online only but that doesn’t count) and still wonder why their profit falls. While others (Torrid) profits go up. I suspect in the upper market designer labels will also do well.

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