Your Gardner is Rebuilding Mexico

The illegal that you see cutting your grass or hammering a nail is doing more than cheaply improving your home, he is improving his native land as well. Over 23 Billion dollars was sent home from the US to Mexico last year. This marks one of the starkest consequences of our anti-immigration policy…. lost revenue.

Because that day laborer had to cross a desert or pay up to 20,000 dollars to be smuggled into this country for a job, he can not bring his family. Therefore they live and work to send money back to their families. The Mexican government saw this trend years ago and created the “Tres Por Uno” or “Three for One” program. The program matches every dollar sent to Mexico, through the government, once, at the Federal level, State and Local levels for public works projects. This has helped to rebuild everything from the town fountain to electricity to towns.

So while we in the US search for ways to raise taxes on the middle class our jingoistic, isolationist policies born out of an irrational fear cause us to cast out a immigration wave that wants to work and pay taxes.

This immigration wave is following the same trends of previous waves. I find this most like the Irish/German wave prior to the Civil War. There were the same debates of “we shouldn’t grant them citizenship, they are taking our jobs, we can’t afford them.” No Lou Dobbs you weren’t the first to raise the ire of immigrant on immigrant hate.

So we need to stop debating fences and sending them back, and start acting like the immigrant nation that we are and create a road to citizenship. By doing so we will all prosper.

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